EC390: Economics of Development

Fall 2022 - Enrollment: 18; Spring 2022 - Enrollment: 50; Spring 2023 - Enrollment: 80

The objective of this course is to provide some understanding into these stark, and occasionally not-so-obvious, problems facing the world’s people. Topics may include the role of central planning, capital formation, population growth, agriculture, health and education, interaction between economic and cultural change, and the "North-South debate."

EC201: Introduction to Microeconomics (Online)

Summer 2021 - Enrollment: 34

This course will introduce basic economic concepts and thinking to understand human and firm behavior. The goal for this course is to understand these principles and apply them to healthcare, labor, environmental policy, education, etc. By the end, students should aim to use basic economic principles to describe and test economic phenomena.

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Student reviews

Brock is very passionate and knowledgeable about the course material. During class and office hours, he has continually supported my peers and not only in our immediate learning for the class, but also future learning opportunities we may pursue. He has provided many source materials and referenced many useful sources that have helped me determine some future plans for my major.

I loved absolutely everything about this class. I have 0 complaints, I don't even think you could improve anything! I felt like the material we covered was very applicable to the developing world and was extremely interesting. It was apparent that Mr. Wilson was extremely interested in the subject of economics and he brought excitement into the classroom.

I really liked how organized and clear the content and course was. It was really helpful to have a reliable lecture that made sense and went past just being talked at. I felt that the homework was very representative of what we learned in lecture so it was a great tool to reinforce learning and I also liked that it prepared me well for the midterm. I liked that there was no guessing what we would be doing or how I'm meant to learn X topic because your way of lecturing followed by homework was very reliable and organized.

I seriously think this is one of the most enjoyable classes I've taken. The ratio of learning and interest (fun) in the class is well balanced, homework is at a good challenge level, course is clear and very linear in terms of progression. I feel that my grade is justified, as any mistakes I make are easy to learn from. Very solid class.

Always willing to help whenever. Made office hours easy to access whenever, just needed to send an email to ask.

I really like that you lecture and don't just read off the slides. It's far more engaging than just listening to someone who sounds bored by themselves when they just read the slides. It also made me want to come to class and pay attention which is sometimes hard in Econ classes. So, overall I really enjoyed listening to you explain and go through the thought processes of learning the material rather than just hearing you talk at us. One thing also that I liked is that there was a good mix of math and conceptual learning. I'm very much a math type of person so when conceptual problems come up, they're usually harder for me, but I felt that the math in this course complimented the concepts well so that when it came to answering a conceptual question, it was way easier to wrap my head around it.

None. Brock is very fair and was always willing to help. Course was challenging but he made sure to break down the hard parts.

the class was great!!

Brock Wilson is the man! There's a future as an Academic in economics there for sure. Responsive, accommodative, clear, precise, and clearly quite intelligent with a passion for economics. Great course.

He was always willing to answer any question we had and never hesitated to get back to us. I remember when I had a rather confusing question on the homework he responded quickly and with a detailed explanation that helped me understand what I did wrong. I really appreciated hispromptness and willingness to communicate.

Excellent class - one of my favorites. I may not get an A in the class, but I still really enjoyed it and liked the instructor

This has been one of if not my favorite Econ classes. The material isn't what interests me the most but Brock really makes it interesting in class.